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Is the Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

If you’re looking for a fast and dependable way to lose weight, without losing precious energy and vitality, you’ll benefit from discovering the Ketogenic Diet. This diet plan gets plenty of press in cyberspace, in print and on TV, and we’re here to cut through the hype by providing you with a wealth of important facts about what the diet is and which advantages it offers.

By giving you the hard facts about the Ketogenic Diet, we’ll make it easier for you to decide whether or not it’s the diet that you’ve been looking for.

Without further ado, let’s explore different facets of this popular and innovative diet plan…

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

This diet works by boosting the body’s capacity to burn calories via nutritional ketosis. When you follow the Keto Diet, you’ll eat greater quantities of fatty foods, take in moderate quantities of protein and lower your overall intake of carbohydrates.

This balance of fat, protein and carbs will typically dull hunger. In particular, eating greater quantities of fat will lower blood sugar levels and this may lead to decreased cravings for bad foods. If you crave the bad stuff, such as potato chips, candy and white bread, this diet will assist you with getting a handle on cravings before they sidetrack your weight loss efforts!

Image of the ketosis diet macro pyramidThose who have struggled with portion control will find that this diet makes it simpler to eat correct amounts of healthy foods. When you go “ketogenic”, it may be easier to stick with your diet, as the increase in fat content will promote feelings of satiety (fullness). Feeling full and satisfied will also make the process of staying on the diet so much easier. After all, we usually fall off the diet wagon simply because we feel hungry!

Now that you know what this diet actually is, let’s travel back in time and talk about its origins.

Origins of the Ketogenic Diet

Originally, this diet was used in order to control a specific disease, so it has a very long history as a health-boosting, disease-fighting diet plan. It was not initially utilized for weight loss purposes. However, it’s safe to say that people who tried it quickly noticed weight loss benefits!

Diets of this nature have been around for centuries, although they may not have been deemed, “ketogenic”. For example, a diet like this was recorded way back in five hundred B.C.! In prior centuries, most diets of this type, which involved fasting and the induction of the ketosis state, were utilized in order to help people who suffered from epilepsy.

During the early 1920s, a doctor presented the AMA (American Medical Association) with data about positive outcomes in kids who fasted in order to improve their epileptic conditions. This doctor, Rawle Geyelin, found that his patients had reduced numbers of seizures while they followed the diet and that the results lasted for a fairly long time period.

Over time, this diet’s applications have evolved. While it’s still a good choice for those who suffer from epilepsy and other health conditions – and we’ll talk more about the health benefits of this diet in just a moment – it’s also a popular choice with healthy individuals who want to shed unwanted pounds.

Lastly, it’s preferred by bodybuilders due to its special properties, which contribute to muscle growth and fat-burning, as well as the production of anabolic hormones.

What are the Health Benefits?

Aside from the obvious benefits of rapid and sustainable weight loss (particularly in those who are obese) – after all, obesity is linked with a variety of health problems and elevated health risks - this diet offers a range of other advantages which will improve overall health and well-being.

Photo of common Keto diet foodsFor example, the Ketogenic Diet typically leads to lower cholesterol levels, which are important for cardiovascular health. High cholesterol levels may trigger heart disease and increase the risk of stroke.

As well, lower blood sugar levels provide health benefits to those who follow Ketogenic Diets. Symptoms of high blood sugar (Hyperglycemia), which may be alleviated via adherence to the Ketogenic Diet, include high blood glucose levels, higher levels of sugar within urine and frequent need to urinate.

Also, people with Hyperglycemia may become very thirsty.

However, the health benefits of this type of diet do not stop there. A Ketogenic Diet is also linked with the improvement of neurological problems, such as epilepsy, as well as Alzheimer’s Disease, Type II Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. This form of diet plan must be followed over the long term in order to improve or control symptoms of these health problems. It offers health benefits to those with these diseases by minimizing their reliance on sugar-based energy.

A lot of people feel a lot better while they follow this diet, and not just because their bodies are changing for the better! They report deeper sleep, better mental acuity and less inflammation, as well as enjoying lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels.

Some medical experts believe that a Ketogenic Diet is cancer-fighting. However, this hasn’t been definitely proved. Perhaps, in the future, clinical studies will pinpoint the power of this diet in terms of its ability to prevent cancer or inhibit the growth of existing cancer cells. That would be truly wonderful.

How is the State of Ketosis Achieved?

Graph of the Ketogenic Diet Macro-nutrient Ratios

The state of ketosis is achieved when the body develops a very fast rate of fat-burning. Everything in our bodies “runs” on fats, including the human mind. Fats come from ketone bodies, which are energy-carrying molecules that exist within our bloodstreams. These molecules are converted to energy for our brains, once they’ve undergone a conversion process (fat to molecule) via the liver organ.

Blood sugar must be optimal in order to support the production of ketone bodies. This means a low, yet safe, level of insulin must be produced within the human body. The simple equation is low insulin equals high ketone production!

Once a sufficient number of ketones exist within the bloodstream, it’s proof-positive that insulin levels are just right for ketosis. Low-carb diets, such as the Ketogenic Diet, support the state of ketosis, thereby supporting easy weight loss.

Different Ketogenic Strategies Are Out There

People use an array of strategies in order to induce the state of ketosis, with a mind to accessing reliable and dramatic weight loss benefits. For example, a weightlifter who wants to “lean out” (lose fatty deposits) before a competition may embrace a Ketogenic diet for bodybuilding, which includes the usage of Ketogenic diet supplements.

Others may utilize Ketogenic diets which don’t require supplements. One example is a cyclic Ketogenic diet, which may also be referred to as a carb-cycling diet. This type of diet is low-carb – however, it features certain periods where high or moderate levels of carbs are ingested. People who swear by this cyclic diet find that it promotes a lot of fat burning, without sapping strength and endurance.

So, how does it all work? Well, with this cyclic type of diet, which is favored by those who wish to build lean muscle and slim down fatty areas, the cyclic Ketogenic diet succeeds by promoting muscle mass growth, burning off fat and (very importantly), inducing increases in the amount of serum anabolic hormones which are produced by the body.

Nicknamed CKD, this sort of diet involves low-carb periods, where high protein and high fat are eaten regularly. Occasionally, the diet cycles to include high carbs, high proteins and high fats. Most of the time, you’ll be eating low-carb on this diet. Every week, you’ll go into a phase where you carbo-load. It’s all about keeping the muscle and strength that you have, while building more muscle mass and burning off unsightly fat.

Since this diet also boost levels of anabolic hormones, it’s a very effective means of getting lean and ripped. These hormones include testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1, which is short for Insulin-like growth factor.

The Internet is the home to plenty of information about how to use Ketogenic diets to their best advantage. If you look around, you should be able to find complete meal plans and lots of tips. No matter which diet and meal plan you select, you’ll probably get much better results when you combine adherence to your diet with the usage of a Ketogenic supplement. However, all of these supplements are not created equal.

Now that you know more about the power and potential of ketosis, as well as why Ketogenic diets, such as the CKD diet, are so popular with weight and health-conscious men and women all over the world, you may be wondering which dietary supplement will help you to harness the fat-burning potency of the ketosis state.

To help you discover one impressive diet supplement which gives predictable and positive results to users, let’s look at Keto OS – Pure Therapeutic Ketones.

Discover Keto OS – Pure Therapeutic Ketones

Image of Pruvit Keto//OS diet supplementYou deserve the best Ketone supplement on the market. When you consider Keto OS, you’ll be making a very smart decision. Keto//OS is short for “ketone operating system” and it’s a range of Ketogenic diet supplements which are produced and sold by Pruvit.

This supplement is available in a drink mix formula, so you’ll be able to buy it by the tub or via single-size packets. Don’t confuse this supplement with Raspberry Ketones – these are different supplements, although both support weight loss.

Pruvit Keto OS is currently sold in two formats, which are On the Go (packets) and Tubs. This brand of supplement is affordable – on average, you will pay about eighty-five dollars for fifteen servings. If you buy larger quantities, you may be able to save money. These products may be ordered with or without caffeine boosts and they may be found at many online retailers. Shop around in order to get a great price on an authentic product.

Now, let’s talk about why this particular supplement works so well…

Keto OS is a therapeutic formula which is designed to push your body in the ketosis state, which is the key to unlocking rapid and stress-free weight loss. Pure, consistent in terms of results and safe for the body, this formula will increase the amount of ketone bodies in your body and allow your body to burn fat, rather than glucose.

Most users find this product so easy to use, as well as tasty – it makes a nice, refreshing drink which is flavorful and enjoyable. As well, they find that this product is fairly priced and works without triggering negative side effects. However, those who are sensitive to salt or suffer from kidney stone health issues (or the risk of same) may want to choose another supplement.

To ensure safe and gentle performance, start with a lower dose and see how your body reacts. Most people don’t notice any side effects – however, some may experience gastrointestinal difficulties, particularly if they are using higher doses.

When you combine usage of this drink mix supplement with proper diet, which may include good fats, such as nuts, seeds, fatty fishes, olive oil and grass-fed animal proteins, you’ll turbo-charge your results.

Yes, it’s possible to lose weight on a Ketogenic diet, without supplementation. However, by investing in affordable and safe Keto OS, you’ll speed up the weight loss process. The supplement will make it simpler to achieve ketosis and then reap its weight loss benefits.

This pure and beneficial supplement is for those who are committed to losing weight – it’s also a great choice for bodybuilders and it may be stacked with other supplements in order to support the perfect supplementation regimen.

If you want to do all that you can to induce ketosis, and you prefer to supplement via a product from a trusted and respected manufacturer, you’ll enjoy this Pruvit-brand formula. It’s easy to use, it won’t bust your budget and it will ensure premium results from any style of Ketogenic Diet.

So, what are you waiting for? By ordering Keto OS today, you’ll push your body in the state of ketosis and enjoy unparalleled fat burning which doesn’t negatively impact your muscle size, muscle endurance and overall energy levels.

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